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Related article: Date : Saturday, 5 May 1, 2001 37th 44 -0400 From: Twilight Groove u003cTwigroove OneBox. com u003e Subject: slut sucks - dad Brian - Zach -1 ------------ Note: If you are in a place that is illegal, you should not read it. if which is not supposed to read, not read. Not so good? E- mail Fuck me and cybernetics. Anyway. Is this a true story? More or less. Getting the pump. ------------ Brian. 7 inches. 16th alarm. Hard cock. Brian opened his eyes and scratched his belly and pulled the Nude Lolita tail. This was the second 00 hours, but was tired after just waking up (a in the night... tomorrow... and then). He pulled the blanket and fuck up. I have to go to work. He pulled some boxers in a quick way to the road and ran to the bathroom in the hallway. Shit. It was not long until he heard running water - Papa was still in the shower, which is likely to take a break from work. He knocked a couple of times to come 6 minutes to work ( not counting the 10 minutes l room for a single insuredoco late) and worst of all, he had to pee. Malo. knocked hard on the door. "What? Brian" His father called from the evil, and began shortly after the sound of water decreases. Brian was rate n, rubbing his tail from side to remain calm and panting, and his feet done standing in the aisle in a pair of boxers - who were actually uncomfortable, and just to discover who were the reverse. Damn I like above. Another loud bang and the door opens half wet head of his father s out the door. Brian made ​​his way full pass wet his father pulled his boxers and annoying in the container with semi- hard cock in his hand -.. "Hey.. I'm sorry " "If we feel Password had work today," Dad threw in the towel around the waist a little tighter -. Brian noticed. He raised his boxers and looked ot his father, a well-built, type big man. Rather large, brown hair, not last : - shaving or cheeks. Fully erect penis. Uncut. Thigh. damn thigh Monsterthey feel against your ass to the work of the fat tail in your busy... "Brian, uh - " would be realized to begin n rubbed his penis as his father spoke. " - I'll be a few minutes here you can use the shower when you need " " Yes, that would be great.. " Bri casually put his boxers on the bathroom sink and the n to his father reached for the biceps soap before you start in bush - or tries to start washing - biceps, pits, chest, abdomen, face, legs... But once he saw how his father dropped his wet towel on the floor , was all he could do, foam and show his cock. tried not to look, but his father was so damn hot. And the ass da was easy. He presented the shit, while his father tried to shave, was to maintain the same military solid rock wall, while defeated of your 7 -incher, shit increasingly difficult... " So what do now, Bri ?" Hot Butt Ramming it with all his might... "After work, I mean. " Brian slid a finger in the ass and started a little push saw his father through the curtain of his calves observed strong and flex return, looking through her ​​ass and sand, looking his triceps go swinging, hips... "I'm probably gunna go see a Zach. " Two strokes far from over, so he started to play with his balls squeezed and rubbed, rubbing his hole, feelin, its thighs... "That's good. " Said his father. He put his foot on the bar , and put the towel in his right leg. "Zach is a good guy. I have always thought it should be with him anymore. " He moved his left leg, and Brian returned to stroking movements long and hard that he felt much as it hurts n so damn well... " Maybe you could invite or something tomorrow. What do you think? " The answer Brian waited in silence while cupping his balls and look n in the mirror and examined himself. He smiled to himself a little and began to of a stroke. "Brian ? " He thoughthis son in the shower, soaping, on the computer dirty blond hair cut by hand and pulled her son s mouth to full queue. Her son, now must have a very big dick. Nude Lolita as father, like son. "Brian, do you? " He closed his eyes and continued stroking. Hard, deleted, so it may take longer, shook his head so hard that squints... He crept close to the n counter and dropped the ball on the cold marble, pushing my legs a bit. Brian, even in the shower n with closed eyes against the hot dad in his image around fucking ass, approached. His penis was hard and pressed through the seconds. Potatoes kept hitting flesh increasingly difficult. Shit, he thought, I'm not near , Brian.. So close to coming, Dad... Brian. Pumps faster. Can not see in the mirror is no longer in the idea of ​​taking their approach child. Damn his father. Dad. Fuck more. Brian. Shit. AAAWA shit. Brian closed her eyes and silently came six or seven spurts of semen. Cola in the sink as he could before the release of a strong grunt n and running all over the sink - Brian noticed. He left the shower put his hand on his shoulder and let his father, however, wheezing semi -hard cock with her father failed to look out the corner of his eye s. His father was still flaccid penis in his right hand. Brian smiled " Nice," suggested his father 's ass and left - closed caring father until the pump door and sat down for a second round. N this time your child was lost forever. When he arrived he Whip Brian. Zach. 6 inches. 16th Brian always late for work. A whole damn half hour later, Zach is cover for the trick. And what was the point? Well, apparently. Brian has has a sweet ass. has seen too much. They have each other for awhile now known friends of the family n and trash. Every time you 're at home, Brian has a habit to go bare. Nothing really gay, but straight from the bathroom to the space sthings. Zach is always thought that Brian is an exhibitionist, really. and there is always hope that one day just going to rip his shirt and smile and starts sucking his cock out of storage room with a hurricane tongue. I could only see Bri standing in front of him, naked, with his intention, with I-am- a - bitch - God look on his face, ready to unpack uniform pants blockbuster... "Zach " He crawled to withdraw his boxer and unzipped his pants and went to the door before the hearing, " Zach ! Are you in storage? Unzip guaranteed delivery boxes, right? Brian only here come to help in a second! " at that time, Brian opened the door and waited for an answer (Brian always for an answer. is one of the things that Zach knew from the beginning), Zach was always working (or at least pretends to ), and said angrily, [and loudly ]: ".... Yeah, sorry, I was very busy, " "You're too late," Nude Lolita Brian smiled and closed the door, Zach shot in the ass, but its tail was sUntil very hard out of time. In fact, it has always been more difficult. She was rubbing against the metal platform, as in Bri probably was not helping - Brian, as usual, he realized. Zach intends to work in the presentation of films - do not even know the title, It is easy to stack and Brian heard breathing behind him, and continued to become increasingly difficult. Bri has that most of the boys. Brian had the same thing in mind. In silence he took off his blue and Blockbluster yellow polo team was close behind Zach. Inhalation of the neck, hands going to the waist, under his belt. Zach turned around, while Brian looked at his face and his tongue blow to the throat, the button of his pants and I felt a movement in the queue. His hard cock. Oh shit. "Zach ! Brian Are you ready ? Need these shelves filled by three! Really ne... ' s over the sound of their cries from the outside, Brian kept his eyes closed and his body was moved \\ \\ n Zach is whigive a kiss and said softly : for all the noise, these are the words that Zach heard the loudest "Come to my house, ".. Brian opens the door and points the way to his room, pulling the clothes while walking, while the ass parade as little heat, which can Zach damn again not be enough of. When they get to your room, Zach is slow stripped of their clothes, but all I know, Brian is soft is 5 in. No hanging in front of him and says : "You want to play, adequate " Zach was honest, while the touch and is close to it. He nodded, and Bri pulled him to his knees. "Fucking suck then. " She closed her eyes and leaned back. Brian 's cock was everything I dreamed. He felt strong in the mouth, solid and heavy. It's fucked up and Bri forward from the hips with a kind of growl in his throat. Veins against the teeth and stabbed Brian winced and groaned with pleasure, o more pushing and grinding his cock into Zach 's neck. "Fuck cocksucker, which takes all. Nude Lolita God can not be stopped. " His balls sealed, Zach and Brian fucked hard pressed his face increasingly difficult. " Suck is good, Zach. "He took a sip of hot rod with her tongue and lick slowly and hard line against precum slot, leave now. " Fucking Hell. "I was moving faster and faster as he resisted his hips and tight ass harder and longer, he pumped his cock into my slick the mouth, ready to shoot, beat her head and hit me against fifteen or twenty times before I finally came up with a smile, said : :. " Get your ass. " guys, I love feedback. Send me an email to Twigroove OneBox. Com and I more message.
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